RMS The Resident Management System

RMS has been helping Providers Implement Electronic Health Records for over 23 years!
RMS has been helping Providers implement
Electronic Health Records for over 23 years!

“When you see a successful business, someone made a courageous decision.”

Expect nothing less than Excellence!

Expect nothing less than Excellence!

The Resident Management System (RMS) has been serving long-term care providers for over 23 years. We know and appreciate the challenges of your business. We understand the balance of providing residents excellent and professional care while remaining in full compliance.

In this fast paced world you need to access your business information at all times, from anywhere on all devices. And most of all you need the most advanced system available to manage your residents' information, assessments, care plans, medications and keep your residents safe.

You need a certifiably proven Electronic Health Records application like RMS!

  Go green. Stop printing paper reports!

The Resident Management System

RMS provides the features you need - All in one program.

Since its initial release in 2001 RMS has been setting the standard of excellence for Electronic Health Records (eHR). Importantly RMS was the first commercial software product to offer what is now called an Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR). And today RMS is still the only eHR and eMAR software system that features an integrated medication database and medication images - the same information pharmacies use - that keeps your residents safe!

RMS - Expect nothing less than the best!

Resident Management

RMS helps manage your residents' personal and medical records. Access resident records 24-hours a day no matter where you are. Print or send reports via encrypted secured emails.

Employee Management

RMS allows access to employee personal information. Monitor employee’s professional licensing, one-time, and periodic requirements and view compliance alerts 30 days before they expire.

Facility Management

RMS provides information used for risk mitigation planning. Management Reports help improve regulatory compliance. Advanced resident information management enhances resident safety.

Resident Management

Resident information, safety, services and tracking.

   Personal Information

Resident’s name, birthdate, gender, marital status, admission date and time, and payment method, personal background and photograph.

  Medical Information

Allergies, diagnoses and dates, special diet, hospital preference, insurance, legal documents and baseline vital statistics.

  Contacts and Physicians

Contacts and physicians information includes relationship, type, address and contact information including email address.

  Order Management

Manage all orders. Automatic drug-to-drug analyses, medication images and patient information leaflets keep residents safe.

  Assessments and Care Plans

Easy-to-use assessment and care plan system that includes all required reports. Import and export information as needed.

  Resident Reports

Reports can be printed and sent via encrypted secured email. Select various time periods and even search chart notes.

  Resident 911 Reports

Click the 911 Reports button and print all real-time reports required for EMTs and ER. No need for pre-printed out-of-date reports.

  Resident Safety Alerts

Late orders; missed orders; new and DC’ed orders; PRNs given; incidents; bowel movements; hold orders and weight gain/loss analyses.

  Reorder Meds and Supplies

Select and submit med re-orders from multiple pharmacies on one page. Select and submit and order for medical supplies.

Medication Management

The right resident, the right drug, the right dose, the right route, and the right time.

In 2001 RMS was the first software product to offer an Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR). Still today RMS is the only product that displays the resident's photograph, color medication images and Order Information right on the eMAR! And RMS is the only system featuring complete medication management to keep your residents safe!

   Medication Database

RMS is unique because it is the only system that has an integrated medication database and colored images making medication management simple, easy and accurate.

  Medication Selection

RMS ensures medication errors are eliminated. Once you select a medication RMS presents all of the correct strengths, routes and forms. Click the correct order details.

   Medication Images

When you select a medication, route, form and strength RMS presents all of the colored images for that medication. Click the image that matches the order the pharmacy delivers and you are done.

   Frequency Selection

Click the order frequency button and RMS automatically displays the correct number of administration times for the selected frequency. Set the times and check the days to be given.

  Purpose and Side-Effects

RMS automatically fills the Medication Information form with the most common purpose and side effects based upon the medication, strength and form selected.

  Drug-to-Drug Interactions

RMS automatically performs a Drug-to-Drug Interaction analysis identifying medication pairs that may be harmful to your resident. Analyses are independent of who prescribed and filled the order.

   eMAR, ePRN and eADL

The RMS eMAR lists today's scheduled orders all on one page with the order's image to reduce med pass errors. You also have access to PRNs and ADLs. RMS highlights orders that are late.

  Order Status

RMS highlights residents with orders not tracked within an hour of their scheduled time and orders due within the next hour. Reports show orders not tracked today and previous dates.

  Patient Information Leaflets

RMS eliminates the need to go to the pharmacy. Print personalized Patient Information Leaflets with medication information, uses, side effects, drug interactions, overdose and missed dose information.

Assessments and Care Plans

RMS helps you deliver the services your residents need.

   Assessments and Care Plans

RMS streamlines managing assessments and care plan. Our point and click process enables you to complete care plans quickly and efficiently. Print and email secured encrypted reports to families and providers from RMS.

  Care Plan Library

Complete care plans quickly by saving your commonly used care plan text in the RMS Care Plan Library. Instead of retyping the same thing over and over again, simply click and paste information you have previously saved.

  Personalized Care

RMS comes with a standardized care plan that meets all elements required by the State. RMS allows you to customize the care plan by adding new categories to meet your needs and new regulations while ensuring all previous care plans remain unaffected.

Employee Management

Professionalism, Compliance, Commitment.

Manage Employee...

Personal information
Professional licensing
One-Time requirements
Periodic requirements
Requirements customization
Compliance alerts
And more!

Facility Management

Real-time information via dashboards, reports and more.

Facility Information includes...

Occupancy analysis
Admissions and discharges
Resident profiles
Risk assessment
Assessment planning
Resident order profiles
Employee profiles
And more!

The Resident Management System

Benefits you will appreciate the minute you begin using RMS.

Quality Care

By significantly reducing the time it takes to complete resident charting your staff is empowered to spend quality time with your residents addressing their needs and activities resulting in a higher level of quality care.

Improved Resident Safety

Real medication management featuring a rich eMAR, medication images, information leaflets, medication integrity and accuracy, automatic Drug-to-Drug Interaction Analyses and late and missed order alerts.

Increased Productivity

RMS eliminates nearly all paperwork freeing your staff to do more important things, like spending time with the residents. No more paper charting. No more paper MARs. No more thick binders and folders with reams of paper.

Information Access

In this fast paced world you can’t always be in your office. That is why we designed RMS to provide you access to your resident, employee and facility information anytime, anywhere on any device 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Regulatory Compliance

You ready for an inspection today? Employee requirements current? Residents have current assessment? MARs complete and PRN outcomes recorded? All orders recorded and on time? RMS can tell you all of this and more real-time!


RMS reports are designed to be reviewed by physicians, pharmacists, EMTs and ER staff. Reports present resident information in a consistent, professional, accurate and legible manner. The goal is to help keep your residents safe and healthy.

The Resident Management System

With you everywhere you go, anytime, on any device.

The Resident Management System

Because it's all about your residents.

RMS Subscription Plans

Choose a plan that fits your needs.

RMS provides you access to your information anytime, from anywhere, on any device. Medications are updated monthly and backups are done daily.

  • Providers
  • No Resident Maximum
  • Annual Subscription - Licensed residents
  • Monthly fee per resident
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  • Nurse Assessors
  • No Resident Maximum
  • Annual Subscription - Flat fee per year
  • No Monthly fee
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  • Families
  • Limited to Two residents
  • Annual Subscription - Flat fee per year
  • No Monthly fee
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The LTC Quest Difference

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Our Team has over 50 years of experience designing and creating state-of-the-art application software. Coupled that with over 30 years in the long-term care business as consumers, providers, legal experts and seminar leaders and no one surpasses the knowledge we possess.

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With over 30 years in the long-term care business as consumers, providers, legal experts and seminar leaders we can say we have walked in your shoes. The combination of knowledge and experience allowed us to take action and create the most advanced Electronic Health Records System available.

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We take great pride in our commitment to...
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Our Mission and Commitment

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our customers to positively affect and improve the quality of long-term care to their residents by providing innovative software solutions.

Our Products

We are commitment to continually improving RMS to ensure our customers have the absolute best-in-class software solutions to support their mission to serve their residents and staff.

Our Support

We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding and timely customer support. We are also committed to keeping our products current to support all current technology.

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